The Wildlife Defenders is an ongoing project honoring the people working behind the scenes to prevent the extinction of endangered species.

All photographs by Harrison Cooney*.


The Rhino War

The Rhino War focuses on the plight of rhinos in Southern Africa. Rhino horn is one of the most expensive natural commodities on earth, which has caused poaching to reach a pandemic. This project focuses on the heroes who risk their lives daily to protect and save a vanishing species.

The Next Generation

There are many educational programs that are helping to inform students and adults about the impact humans have on wildlife and the environment. Educators, documentary filmmakers, private companies and community leaders are all working together to help inform and educate The Next Generation.

A Vanishing World

Our connection to the natural world can at times feel frayed. Our species has come so far in such a short amount of time that it's easy to hold ourselves at the center of existence. However, life proves to be far more diverse. A Vanishing World is an ongoing project aimed to remind us of the interdependence of all life.