Our Mission

To bring greater awareness to wildlife poaching worldwide through images, articles, social media and education by focusing on both the animals that are endangered, and the people who dedicate their lives to species preservation and conservation.


Our Vision

  • Highlight what humans – anti-poaching units, educators, students, conservationists, scientists, concerned citizens – are doing to prevent the extinction of endangered species worldwide.
  • Educate all ages, with an emphasis on kindergarten through college/university age students around the world to inform and inspire them to take action that will one day reduce the negative impact humans have on wildlife.
  • Develop partnerships with wildlife organizations, influential individuals and groups who support anti-poaching programs, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), publications, traditional media outlets and social media to bring greater awareness to ways that will preserve and sustain endangered species worldwide.
  • Spotlight the corruption and human greed, which is at the core of poaching and trafficking animal parts globally.
  • Expose the false assertions that animal parts and products have medicinal or therapeutic benefits.
  • Recognize judicial systems that are enforcing and changing laws that will deter or eliminate the illegal trade of animal products sold on the black market.