The Next Generation

A Path to a Better Future

There are many educational programs that are helping to inform students and adults about the impact humans have on wildlife and the environment. Educators, documentary filmmakers, private companies and community leaders are all working together to help inform and educate The Next Generation.


Lapalala Wilderness School

At Lapalala Wilderness School, children from within an 80-mile radius attend a 2-½ day workshop that teaches them about the environment, water conservation and quality, ecology, wildlife and global warming.  The curriculum also includes team-building activities with a focus on how they and their families impact the communities/villages where they live.




EcoTraining offers people from around the world the opportunity to take accredited career courses in guiding, gap-year opportunities, inspirational wildlife courses and high school programs that create guardians of the natural world.

Kim Wolhuter

To say Kim Wolhuter is an incredible individual would be an understatement. As a world famous documentary filmmaker, Kim spends most of his time integrating himself into groups of wild animals including cheetah and hyenas. Kim works tirelessly to change common misconceptions about animal species, behaviors and traits while putting himself in incredibly dangerous situations.  Kim says, "I connect with these amazing animals with my heart, not my brain, and they allow me the privilege of entering their world."



The Chief of Makuleke is equivalent to the mayor of a town or city.  He oversees a population of approximately 15,000 residents.  Once chosen, he holds the position for the remainder of his life.  The Chief makes it clear to his people that the wildlife attracts tourists, which creates jobs and revenue that benefits the entire community.



Motlhabaneng in Botswana is just one of the communities adjacent to Mashatu Game Reserve.  Each year Mashatu Lodge hosts children from the community to show them what’s in their own backyard.  Most have never seen elephants, lions or many other animals in the reserve even though it is only a few kilometers away.  The annual activity helps them understand why protecting the wildlife directly benefits their community by providing jobs to its residents.

Green Matter

GreenMatter Fellows and Senior Fellows conduct research thoughout South Africa that is focused on conservation and sustainability.  Fellowships include graduate students and working professionals who demonstrate leadership qualities that will be used to influence policies benefiting the environment for future generations.


*Behind the scenes photograph courtesy of Saskia Ousman