Q. Are there any websites, books or other resources you can recommend that will help people understand how dire the rhino war is in South Africa?

There are a host of web sites to follow – try the Private Rhino Owners Association http://www.rhinoalive.com.  They are pro de horning and wanting to  implement a regulated trade.  Makes sense to me, but the greenies oppose.  Nkombe website is our fundraiser http://www.nkomberhino.org.  Also try Stop rhino poaching http://www.stoprhinopoaching.com, Save the rhino https://www.savetherhino.org

We can't thank Tim enough for his time and insight into what's happening on the ground in Africa. Through their efforts Tim and his team have been able to stop numerous poaching incidents and keep rhinos safe on their property for a substantial amount of time. The predominant outlook at current state of rhino poaching in South Africa may be bleak, but these unit's like Tim's are doing some incredible things to keep rhinos alive and healthy.    

Here's a little BTS from our time with Tim.